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Questions to Ask Your Brand Photographer

September 13, 2021

Choosing the right photographer can be a challenge; how do you know if they fully understand you and your vision? After all, you don’t want to invest your time and money in a photoshoot that doesn’t accurately represent you and your brand. Here are some crucial questions to ask your brand photographer to dig deeper into their style and ability before you book.

How do I know what kind of content I need?

Not all content is the same or has the same uses. Product images, website/social media content, team/styled headshots – they all serve a different purpose in your business. It can often be unclear what type of images you truly need. For example, headshots and team pictures are great for revamping a website. For this, you would need your team in an appropriate location with styled outfits to ensure all the images are cohesive. However, for social media content, this can be more fun and relaxed, or artistic. Perhaps you have content ideas in mind but no visuals to go with them; this is where your photographer’s expertise will shine. 

When you hop on a call with a potential brand photographer, walk them through your online platforms and overall marketing goals for the content. This will help them to envision your goals and plan for the shoot accordingly. 

How can we make the shoot look unique to me and my business?

This is such a great question to ask to find out if they are truly passionate about helping you. After all, you don’t want a photographer who’s going to take you to the same locations and use the same poses as they did with their last five clients because this won’t make you stand out.

If they can answer this question, it shows they have taken the time to do their homework on you, they have noted the things that stand out about your business, and have a solid idea of how to capture the essence of your brand. From location and lighting to styling and props, a well-rounded photographer should have a good idea on how to merge all of these elements to create images unique to you.

How can we make these images appealing to my target audience?

First things first; knowing your target audience before you hire your brand photographer is crucial. Once you know who you’re marketing to, you’ll be able to share those details with your photographer and team. During the process of booking a brand photographer, share who your target audience is and what you’re trying to sell/promote. From there, you can ask your photographer how they would best target your ideal customer through imagery. It’s important your photography can convey those specific feelings, moods, and emotions that you know your ideal customers associate with.

For example: if you’re catering to an audience of millennials mothers, what kind of emotions, posing, and props would cater to their specific dreams, hopes, and wants? A solid brand photographer will help guide you through this process of discovery and give ideas along the way.

How do you plan on capturing my *insert something that makes you or your business unique*?

*Love for design, my sarcastic sense of humor, my loud and bubbly personality…
Capturing non-visual things can be hard but there are a number of ways a photographer can portray the essence of who you are without having to spell it out. Whether it’s during the shoot with the poses and use of props, or afterward in editing. Asking your photographer this question puts their creativity to the test and gives insight into their capabilities of translating feelings and moods into imagery.

How do you work with lighting, movement, etc?

Lighting and movement are often overlooked but are vital to the end product. The wrong lighting can cause an image to look dark and moody when it should have been light and happy. Likewise, not enough or too much movement in the images can cause an undesired effect. We don’t often think of movement in a static image, but the right amount of movement (or lack thereof) can evoke a feeling or mood in an image, like the flowing of your dress or the blurred motion of walking. Lighting and movement are super fun and unique ways to step up your content game.

By asking this question you are digging to find out how the photographer considers this in the shoot and how they use lighting and movement to bring in a layer of creativity. There are plenty of examples of this online or on Pinterest, so see what fits your brand and quiz the photographer on their opinion.

Make sure your branding photographer creates images that completely take care of your needs by asking these powerful questions. Are you ready to hit refresh on your brand’s visuals? Jump on a call with me and I’ll be happy to answer all of these and more!  

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