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5 Dope Houston Photoshoot Locations

September 10, 2021

So you have a vision for your next photoshoot, but you’re struggling on a location that fits your vibe? Choosing a location can be hard and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know the area. As a native Houstonian, I am constantly searching for new creative places to take my clients. In such a diverse and growing city, there are so many options to uplevel your photography. Refresh your shoots and take a look at these 5 dope Houston photo locations!

The Houston Rental Studio

This spacious and modern warehouse is awesome as it allows for a ton of creativity. With an option for a modern white aesthetic or a traditional rustic warehouse feel, this place really is a blank canvas to design a shoot around your needs. From branding headshots or styled shoots, there’s room for props and elaborate lighting setups to really vamp up your images. The space includes a number of chairs and stools available for use, as well as a mixture of lighting fixtures to play around with. This empty space gives you the ability to flex your creativity no matter the shoot.

Photo by Sween Shots Studio

Sween Shots Studio

This place is designed to look like a home straight out of an interior design magazine; (* swoon) creating a stunningly modern and versatile space for any kind of photography. From family pictures to practical content for your business, this venue comes complete with lighting equipment, access to all props, a modern staged lounge area, kitchen, meeting space and a vanity area. Packed into over 1000 Sq Ft, the different options of styled set ups allows for a wide range of images in one location; any scenario, this place has you covered! Make the most of this location and bring different outfits. This way the content won’t look batched because each different location within the space offers a chance to create a different look.

Houston Clock Tower

If you’re looking for an authentic location with raw features and unique architectural elements, the Houston Clock Tower is for you. This space has two levels, one level is a versatile white room with wooden floorboards and the other is the tower itself. What I love about the tower is there is so much texture and color! From the old wooden finishings to the aged terracotta brick walls, the functionality of this space means the large cast-iron windows allow for tons of natural light to work with. Its natural tones of copper, beige, greens, and browns give any photographer a lot to work with.

Glassell School of Art

This quirky building is hard to miss! The geometric structure has a ton of cool features to work with as the backdrop of your shoot. Complete with fountains, trees, and sculptures, the layout of this area is extremely aesthetic, and when framed correctly, you can get a ton of unique shots. As well as the courtyard outside, the building also has a grass roof top that can be accessed from the ground floor by a grass incline up the side of the building. With Asian jasmine growing along the incline and grasses planted on the terrace you won’t run out of locations to add unique touches to the shoot. To top it off, when you are on the roof you get an awesome view of Houston’s skyline! What more could you ask for?!

Photo by Rice University

James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

From a distance, this imposing structure looks almost extraterrestrial. Situated on the Rice University Campus, this location is perfect for anyone looking to create a unique modern vibe. The two staircases take you to an amphitheater that creates the feeling of being in a spaceship with tight white walls potentially acting as props. Who needs elaborate lighting when you can take advantage of the changing LED lights that light up the top of the structure? This is a stellar location for branding images because it can cater to a business looking for that modern and unique twist.

Houston is an incredibly diverse place that can cater to any photography needs. As a Houstonian, my knowledge of the area and experience will transform your shoots into scroll-stopping content for you or your business.

Want to know more about how I can help with planning your next shoot? Jump on a call with me here to discuss what I have to offer, and let me find the perfect location for your next session.

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