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How to Prep for Your Brand Shoot

September 7, 2021

Brand images are essential for creating your online presence. After all, 81% of people use Instagram to search for products and services. Be sure to leave a lasting impression with your content by posting images that scream what you have to offer! To make the most impact with your time and dollars, learn exactly what you need to do to prep for your brand shoot.

Brand photos are the perfect opportunity to level up your visual content and change the game. A perfect branding session doesn’t just happen by chance, so follow these simple tips for how to prepare for your shoot.


Decide on your desired outcome for the shoot. Do you want quality pictures for general Instagram/social content, re-branded images that align with your new direction, or images that can be used for a new product you are launching? All these different aspects will factor into your outcome for the session. Have a purpose in mind for where and when you’ll be using these photos before moving onto the next steps of preparation and planning.


It is vital you have a clear theme, or looks, for the shoot; creating a mood board is the best way to turn this into a reality. Mood boards help you to define your goals while also helping the photographer to fully envision your style and needs. No doubt you worked really hard with a designer to create the branding for your business, to capture who you are and what you have to offer – a branding shoot is no different! To help outline the vision, create a Pinterest board of the details to help your photographer to get on the same page!

The mood board will help to refine your ideas and create a clear concept for the shoot. Now everything can be built around this: hire a photographer who shoots in your style, book a hair and makeup artist who is capable of creating your vision, and decide on a location that best fits your style for the shoot. All of this can be time-consuming and overwhelming, so consider hiring a photographer who will do all of the fine-detail planning for you.


Decide on the details. Do you want to look practical and have your laptop in the shoot or do you want to look editorial and capture your brand’s vibe through poses and lighting? Whichever you decide, this will help to plan the details that you need to bring to the shoot. The jewelry that you wear and any props you may need all add to the vibe and aesthetics of the session. This shoot is all about capturing the essence of your business and the practicality of the images for your desired use, so make sure you don’t leave anything out!

Executing your brand shoot takes clarity and time. Prep for your brand shoot like a boss! Grab my brand shoot checklist for free here to help you plan your shoot and every step along the way.

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