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Barista Parlor | Nashville Editorial

April 2, 2015



Barista Parlor – One of the most “talked about” coffee spots in Nashville. On my short trip to Tennessee this past week, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Barista Parlor, take some photos of this incredible place, and discuss the story behind the shop with one of their managers. Barista Parlor, started and operated by Andy Mumma, has inspired a new wave of coffee & food in the heart of Nashville.

Tucked inside an old auto-garage, Barista Parlor (located in East Nashville) reminded me of home and the modern trend of today. Little details along the walls and a record player projecting through the room, this shop is the perfect place to relax, meet, create, or simply sit and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee. Barista Parlor is inspired by art and commerce. Unique details can be found throughout the shop which creatively integrate these two aspects, including the large mural hanging on their back wall.

Andy Mumma is greatly inspired by transportation and has truly tied in these details throughout the shop. When you approach the shop, you’re greeted with garage doors pulled open, to give you that autoshop vibe, and the grand view of the entire shop right before you. It’s an awesome look that they pulled off better than I can imagine. Not to mention, a few motorcycles are for show right in the entry. (It’s one of those things you just need to see for yourself).

Of course one of the best aspects of Barista Parlor is their taste & excellence for coffee. Those at Barista Parlor are truly focused on bringing out the best of coffee and sharing it with those who enter into their doors. Experimenting with brewing methods and a variety of flavors and beans, the staff is dedicated to producing an amazing cup of coffee. Believing coffee is an intricate art, Barista Parlor enjoys being able to produce coffee with quality. When I asked the general manager of the East Nashville location why they were so dedicated to coffee, she responded with, “We believe when you do something you should do it well.”

Upon my visit, I tried their cold brew and it was excellent!

Not only do they aim to serve excellent coffee, they also make some delicious food items! They have a carefully selected breakfast and pastry menu that includes local items and incredible recipes. On my visit, I had the eggs and cornbread with fresh honey! It seriously tasted like a home cooked meal. When I asked Chelsea where their menu inspiration came from, she stated, “We create southern food that is inviting and reminds you of what your grandma would make on a Saturday morning.” Trust me, she’s right! As a Texan born and raised, their southern inspiration hit right at home. On top of local produce and goods, everything is made from scratch!

“We believe when you do something you should do it well.”

– Chelsea Kallman (East Nashville Location General Manager)

Knowing coffee is such a large part of their culture, Barista Parlor seeks to bring people together over coffee. With the admiration of art and commerce, those at Barista Parlor hope creatives and individuals can come together at the shop, and create, make, and discuss. What better way to do that than over a cup of coffee made with absolute care and produced using impressive techniques and high-quality beans?

Currently, Barista Parlor has two locations. Their first location, which I took my visit too, is located in East Nashville off Gallatin Avenue. Recently, they opened up a second location, Barista Parlor x Golden Sound, in the Gulch off Division Rd. The new location even features a coffee roasting room, which can be gazed on through a glass window.

Of course everyone wants a Barista Parlor in city a near them; so when asked about the future of Barista Parlor they currently have no plans on moving outside of Nashville. “Ever upwards,” is their motto, and they will not hold themselves back if the opportunity to move outside the comfort of Nashville arises.

“We always say Ever Upwards at Barista Parlor.

— Chelsea Kallman | General Manager


If you’re in the Nashville area or happen to travel through, do yourself a favor and visit Barista Parlor. I already can’t wait to go back! Don’t forget follow along and stay updated with what Barista Parlor is up to!

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